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Welcome to the Foundational Painter Training Program!

You can join the program by clicking the button below to register - here's a quick overview of everything you get with The Foundational Painter Program:

Register for the Foundational Painter
  • Complete Foundational Painter Training Program and portal that will provide you will all of the course learning materials and painting projects.
  • 5 modules broken into 8 comprehensive sections that take you through all you need to know about the fundamentals and how to apply them…
  • Step by step painting projects that will guide you through each of the projects from start to finish.
  • 9 weekly live training sessions - a chance to join the class live. However, the value of these sessions are beyond just the live aspect... As these sessions will provide additional training and context to the course portal learning materials, along with additional material such as...
  • An opportunity to paint with me live in-session. At least 4 out of the 9-weekly sessions you will have an opportunity for you to paint along with me, as I lead you through live in-session painting projects...
  • Weekly program session recordings - again these live lessons will be packed full of valuable material, that will be extremely valuable whether you can make the session live or not.
  • Helpful digital painting critiques with personalized feedback - You can send me an image of your work and I’ll be able to paint overtop of it digitally to give your clear guidance of what you can do to improve your work.
  • My TFP course portal community where you can ask questions and get answers and support from me and fellow community members - right within the course portal.
  • The Art Studio Life School Private Facebook group — a wonderful community of artists with the same goal to work on their craft. This is a private group that is only available to students of Art Studio Life School, and provides a safe and easy place for you to share your work and get feedback from myself as well as other members of the group.
  • Access to me via email, to be able to ask for feedback on your work, along with any questions you may have. This goes beyond the 9 weekly program - you will always be able to reach out with your questions.

    You Also Get These Extra BONUSES:
  • BONUS: my brand new “Color Mixing Master Class” video training course — this course will show you how to mix color, as well as troubleshoot when mixing colors.
  • BONUS: Acrylic Painters Deep Dive - a special acrylic painting bonus for those who want to use acrylic paints within the course. Be able to easily use acrylic paints when learning to apply the fundamentals in your painting.
  • BONUS: Master Copy Painting Project — this will be an additional painting project that will take you through how to create a master copy painting, with all you need to know.
  • BONUS: Beginner Painter Webinar - if you’re a beginner, this will be an additional opportunity for you to get an introduction to painting and ask questions you might have.
  • BONUS: A Focus on Edges, Additional Painting Project - this is a bit of a more advanced painting subject that you will be able to dig your teeth into as you progress. So that you can try your hand at a rather unique painting subject, with really great opportunities to practice working on edges!
  • BONUS: A Brief History of Painting - enjoy a good old fashioned art history lesson, in this two-part brief history of painting series!

NEW BONUS COURSE: Color Mixing MasterClass


Color mixing master course bonus

With over 5+ hours of color mixing video instruction in application... This (BRAND NEW) Color Mixing Course, will take you through how you mix and troubleshoot while mixing colors. So you will learn how to think through and problem solve like a color mixing expert! This Course is not available to purchase and you can only get it when you register here today. (Will list for about $200-$300 when released... you can get it when you register now, FREE. Color bonus course will be available in week 2 of the program, when we dive into color!)

Register for the Foundational Painter

Foundational Painter, 9 Weekly Program Sessions Schedule:

The first program session will start September 8th and each of the 9 weekly sessions will start @ 1pm PDT for those attending live (full schedule below). All class sessions will be recorded, and be made available for you to access in a special program sessions portal. That you will have unlimited, lifetime access to, so you will not miss a thing and be able to revisit lessons learned anytime in the future!



Week 1

Introduction to course content and orientation. We will do a comprehensive overview of value and I will introduce the first projects in the course.


Week 2

We will do a deep dive on color and how to make color work with value. I will do a demonstration and will have a feedback session.


Week 3

Continue investigation of color. We will have a paint along session so you can paint with me and further solidify the material


Week 4

Deep dive into edges and where and how to make them work in a painting and continue to develop them. We will start a landscape painting together.



Week 5

We will continue and complete the landscape painting we started in the previous session.


Week 6

We will delve with composition, do composition exercises, and learn how to create compelling compositions in preparation for a larger upcoming project.


Week 7

Continue to walk through the multi session painting project and hold feedback/ critique session.


Week 8

Master copy painting session. I will guide you through how to study from other paintings by doing a master copy demonstration.



Week 9

We will round out the last section of the course by creating a portrait painting.

In addition, there will consistently be feedback and critique opportunities to wrap up each of the weekly sessions. Where you can send me images of your paintings throughout the week, and I am able to digitally paint on top - to help clearly demonstrate opportunities in your work visually.

Register for the Foundational Painter

It is great to be able to come back to Elizabeth 'course anytime there is a need or a doubt.

Maryolga De González

“I have wanted to learn to paint for so MANY years and now to be learning the fundamentals and see what I hope to emerge from the canvas actually take some semblance of what I intended is THRILLING! I feel like the school age child rushing to show their mom or dad what they just did every time I send you something I just did 🤣"

Pamela McCreary


When do The Foundational Painter program sessions start?

First program session starts September 8th @1PM PDT
See session schedule above )

Is this class appropriate for the complete beginner?

This Alumni program allows all past students of "The Foundational Painter" to join and be part of the new 9-weekly sessions program live and access all of the new materials and bonuses with it. You will also receive access to the program course portal that will have the 9-week program specific material included and all bonuses that are being offered to new program students. This special discounted rate is only available to students who have taken the "The Foundational Painter Course" prior.

What mediums does this program work for?

This program is designed for those who paint (or want to learn to paint) with Oils and Acrylics. If you are interested ONLY in Watercolors, I do not suggest this program for you. As I use oil paints to show all of my demonstrations - however if you paint with Acrylics, I have had multiple acrylic painters go through this material with great success. Plus I even have a special Acrylic Painters Bonus in this program, that will fully explain any differences that you need to know when using acrylics vs oils.

How many weekly program sessions are there?

There will be 9 weekly sessions that you can attend live online and will be recorded for you to access in a special program sessions course portal section.

What if I can't make the program sessions live...?

All weekly program sessions will be recorded. The value of these sessions are beyond just the live aspect... As these sessions will provide additional training and context to the course portal learning materials, along with additional material such as...

How long do I have access to the course material?

How does access for the lifetime of this course sound? After enrolling, you will have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Is this course live or pre-recorded?

Both! The course material is made up of pre-recorded videos that will show you the detailed painting process in action through step by step application steps. You will be able to follow along, while I show you through demonstration how to develop your painting every step of the way. 

How do I get help?

You can email me at - there are also comment sections within each section of the course portal, that easily allow you to ask any questions you might have about the material you're working on. You will also get access to the private Art Studio Life School Facebook Group!

What's all included...?

>>Jump up the page here, to see an overview of all that's included and to find out about all of the Extra Bonuses!

What The Foundational Painter Can Do For You

"It took me nearly 60 years..."

Listen to Jeff share how, "It's hard to know where to start..." and how it took him nearly 60 years before he was able to achieve the goals he had for painting. The Foundational Painter gave him the guidance to achieve massive growth as a painter (about to have his work in an art museum show) in under a year...!

"Personally, I found The Foundational Painting Course exceptionally informative and the format you used was very reassuring for me. As I am very new at art and painting techniques. There wasn’t a part of the course that I didn’t understand and as colour can be very difficult to understand for a beginner, everything you presented was outstanding."

Illaria Verrocchio

Get started with your own growth as a painter...

How TFP Helped Jill Get Past Her "block"...

"Elisabeth.........the course gave me exactly what I needed to get past my “block” of not knowing how to apply the instructions I had received previously. I had knowledge but was unable to apply it until YOU! From limited palette to light/dark, you made it all so understandable. I have been painting continuously since I completed your course. Thank you so much for what you are giving and the encouragement to keep working at painting."

~ Jill Hiers

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